Specialist Services

Nano Brompton Electric Conversion

Popup Bikes is the exclusive approved installer for Nano Electric Bike conversion kits in the Northwest. You can convert your existing Brompton to electric using a kit from Nano Brompton which can be ordered here: www.nanoelectricbikes.co.uk
The kit will allow your Brompton to reach speeds of up to 15mph, has been specifically designed to work with the folding mechanism and is customisible with different battery and bag options. It will typically be fitted in one day so you can drop you're bike off in the morning and it will be converted and ready to collect in the afternoon!

Bike Fit Manchester, bike Fitting, improving your speed and comfort on your bike

Bike Fitting

If you are suffering from pain when you ride, want to improve your performance or have a more comfortable ride then maybe it’s time for a bike fit. During the bike fit we will adjust your bike and the components at the three points where you body comes into contact with your bike; your saddle, handlebars and pedals. This changes your riding position and style, and should help to ease or eliminate any pains you have on your bike and make your ride more comfortable.

A complete bike fitting costs just £50.

Bike Fit Manchester, bike Fitting, improving your speed and comfort on your bike
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You will need to bring:

Your Bike (duh)
Your cycling kit – You will be riding for most of the session
Your cycling shoes

Your Bike Fitting session should last between 1.5 – 2 hours. We will put you on a turbo trainer on your bike and watch you ride and start taking measurements and making adjustments to see what suits you best. Please let us know about any injuries or niggles that you have when you arrive.

A bike fitting is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to improve your speed, comfort and overall health on your bike.

We will measure and set:

  • Saddle Height
  • Setting the height so you get the best possible leg extension as you pedal
  • Saddle fore and aft position
  • Moving your saddle along the rails, using the KOPS method to ensure that your saddle position is correct
  • Saddle Tilt
  • Adjusting the angle of your saddle to reduce stress on your pelvis and forearms.
  • Handlebar Height
  • Setting the correct height of your bars so the angle formed by your spine is the most comfortable and stress-free.
  • Handlebar Position
  • Checking your shoulder width matched with the width of your bars, hand position, adjusting the position of your hoods if necessary.


  • Handlebar Tilt
  • Moving your bars into the correct position so your wrists are as comfortable as possible.
  • Cleat Fore/Aft Position
  • Setting your cleat position in line vertically with your newly acquired KOPS measurement.
  • Cleat Side/Topside Position
  • Setting your cleat position in line horizontally(Q-factor) with your newly acquired KOPS measurement.
  • Cleat Rotation
  • Adjusting the angle of your cleats so your feet are comfortable.

At the end of your session we will give you a printed chart showing all the optimum measurements for you and your bike.

A complete bike fit costs just £50. Call now to book your bike fitting 0161 839 0709